lets you take better advantage of the limited space available in small bathrooms without sacrificing the convenience of a bidet.

The COMBINATO consists of the toilet seat, a basin with stopper for filling, and a support for mounting a mixer tap (not included). The basin is made of painted aisi 304 stainless steel and is therefore hygienic and durable.
The a.b.s. mixer support is available in chrome-plated or white versions. you can replace any component of the COMBINATO in case of breakage without the need to purchase an entire new group.
The COMBINATO can be installed on most standard toilets without the need to replace the existing fixture, because it utilizes the same holes used for mounting a normal seat/lid.
Once the group is mounted with the fasteners provided, you need only connect it to the water system with flexible or copper tubing. use the space you save for a washing machine, shower, cabinet, etc.
The “combinato” is the ideal solution for bathrooms in hotels, groupliving facilities, offices and for guest bathrooms.