THE COMBINED SAVE SPACE: more Toilet BIDET in one machine

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The solution we offer is a regular toilet seat onto which-in place of the usual toilet lid-a tub in stainless steel AISI 304 painted is inserted.

This system has been studied to fit most types of toilets produced today, and therefore it can be set up also on toilets already in use, with no need of modifications.
The COMBINATO WC-BIDET unit is set up very simply, utilizing the hole prearranged on toilets for fixing toilets seats.

The COMBINATO WC-BIDET has a white or chromeplated support for attaching the bidet mixers and connecting the hoses or copper pipes to the hot and cold water supply.

Top-quality materials and excellent design make the COMBINATO WC-BIDET comfortable, practical, and hygienic.
Our COMBINATE WC-BIDET unit being room-saving, it makes possible:
  • to the plan bathrooms of reduced size, which are particularly convenient for hotels, community centers and offices;
  • in already existing bathroom, to recover the space usually taken up by bidet and utilize it for the installation of a washing machine, a shower, or a piece of forniture, etc.

    In the
    following page is the assembling diagram and the sizes of WC bidet Combinato.


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